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Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs don't necessarily have to be the worst of enemies. In fact, there are instances where they are even the best of friends.

Recently, we had another addition to our household. It was a little puppy who was abandoned. We have 10 indoor cats, all of them were also found in the streets. We are all still adjusting. Cats require different care than dogs and they sure do have very different personalities. Dogs require constant attention and they let you know it while cats will let you pet them when they feel like it. In a way, you have to work hard to win their affection. In living with cats, you don't have to clean up after their mess. You just need a pooper scooper and a box of kitty litter and you're all set. We also have a new routine in the evenings taking the dog out for her walks. Try doing this with a cat and you either end up losing the cat or have your face and back rearranged with their claws.

At first, our housecats were all wary of the strange looking creature who has come to invade their territory. One of them even went on strike and wouldn't go down the stairs. Her food, water and litter had to be brought up to her. But things are slowly getting back to normal. The little puppy is getting used to living inside with humans and 10 felines and the cats and the dog now ignore each other.... and we couldn't be happier.


  • i used to have a cat and a dog when i was a lil younger. They seem to be ok with each other and sometimes my dog milo sleeps in spot's cat bed.

    By Anonymous cat beds, at 2:16 PM  

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