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Start Teaching Them While They're Young

How can people think to hurt such a defenseless creature? I found her on the back of a pick up under the scorching sun.

I witnessed a very disturbing scene one day while I was driving home. There were several kids torturing this small kitten. He was placed in a rat cage, was heaped with sand and the children were taking turns peeing on him. I was so shocked by their behavior, I took the kitten from them and told them (scolded more, actually) that what they were doing was wrong, even against the law. Imagine, being small children, and they could think of doing this to a defenseless animal. I shudder to think of what would they turn into when they grow up.

What we need is more awareness against cruelty to animals. This should be a joint effort on part of the government and the parents themselves. We have animal laws but it seems that it is not being enforced. A lot of dogs and cats being abused. There are organizations who look after these animals but sadly they are outnumbered by the animals being abused. Children should be taught early on that animals too have rights. It is so sad that there are so few voices out there for these animals.

There was this time I was in a cab to bring one of my cats to the vet. The driver told me "You bring your cats to the doctor? We just run over them". I wanted to hit him over the head with my basket, but as patiently as I could I tried to explain to him that they are living creatures too and if he would try not to hit them as there are owners like me who think the world of them. It was really hard to because I wanted to scream at him. I only hope that he remembered what I said.


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