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The kitten got his wings

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, my brother saw a kitten on the corner sidewalk. He came running home fast because he said that it was REALLY a baby kitten and that I should go with him a take a look. Well, he was right, the kitten looked like it just came out of its mother. It was THAT small and THAT young. And to make it worse, when I picked up the kitten it was wet with urine. Looked like the person who left it there peed on it too. The poor thing was so cold, and it had been raining the past few days.

It was hard to give him milk and keep him warm. After 2 days, he passed away. I was hoping that he would survive and was thinking that when he got bigger I would look for someone to adopt him. The kitten was a white cat with black fur on its head.


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