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Bitten By My Own

Just look at this cutie, looking so peaceful, you'd know he wouldn't hurt a fly. Well right now, I'm sporting 4 puncture marks on my right leg, and several scratches all over my foot and leg, courtesy of my boy, Bitty.

As I've written before, Bitty is blind. A week ago, 2 cats fought just outside our house. Bitty was spooked, maybe he thought they were inside and he became really agitated. He started swinging at the dog and I broke it up. When I turned around to go outside and break the fight there, I felt Bitty clamp his claws and teeth on my leg. Did it hurt a lot!

I didn't get angry at the little guy, he couldn't help being blind.


  • I'm sure he didn't mean to. He was just scared. Poor lil guy.
    Our Miss Kitty went almost blind when she was about 13 years old. She lived another two years. It was sad to watch her but she seemed happy, except every now and then she seemed to get lost and would start crying, and someone would have to go get her. Woman said she would not have her "put down" as long as she could purr.

    By Blogger Cruxley, at 12:26 AM  

  • Blind cats are the best. I've had two and they were both very loving...however, haven't experienced the biting-in-confusion aspect :)

    Iddy just goes, "prrp?" like he is echolocating.

    Heal fast-!

    By Blogger Pisser, at 1:28 AM  

  • What a sweet sweet picture. You're right, innocence galore there in the look. I'm sorry you got bit and scratched. :/

    By Blogger Ginger, at 5:29 AM  

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  • Humans are walking scratching posts.

    By Blogger Miss China Paws, at 1:21 AM  

  • Meow! You've been tagged. Visit my blog to find out the rules. Lots of purrs, Miss China Paws.

    By Blogger Miss China Paws, at 12:47 AM  

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  • heck, it's just that "heat of the moment" thing. our mom's First Cat (a sighted kitty) bit her a good one on the thigh while clinging to her leg--where he'd leaped from the floor--intending to get at the dog who was standing behind her. his eyes worked fine but in this instance, his BRAIN just never saw her. this was 35 years ago, and she still has the bite scar!

    so your poor li'l feller was probably caught up in the flight-or-fight response, and not being able to flee easily, chose to fight. even though the closest "enemy" smelled of "mom", his instinct overrode his recognition of you.

    what a guard-kitty!! we admires him!

    By Blogger nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing, at 1:41 AM  

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