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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


  • HAHAHAHA hate to tell you Santa but THAT will never happen!! Cute card though. And Merry Christmas to you too.

    By Blogger Oreo, at 8:37 PM  

  • That's KITTY SLAVE LABOR! I knew that Claus was up to no good!

    By Blogger moseskitty, at 3:30 AM  

  • Hi Oreo and Moseskitty,

    Well, there is a story behind this. Bec. of bad weather the reindeers didn't want to go through so the kitties banded together so that kitties and children all over the world would get their presents. If you would look at the cat on Santa's right, that's my Bitty. The kitten facing forward near the pet shop singing carols is my Milkshake :)

    By Blogger catgirlph, at 3:07 PM  

  • Hoppy Holidays from Diva Kitty, Fiona, Orlando and DKM

    By Blogger Diva Kitty, at 2:22 PM  

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