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Sick Kitties

I brought my kitten Mudpie to the clinic to be nuetered a few weeks ago. Apparently, there was a bug going around the clinic and he brought it home with him. Now, all the cats have colds,too.

Initially, we gave them vitamin C to boost their resistance but now they are are all sneezing and have runny noses. They're all taking antibiotics, yup all 10 of them. It's important to change their beddings,too as they keep on sneezing.

I always try too avoid for them to have colds as it is easy to pass on to each other. There is usually a 2 week incubation period before they start showing symptoms. Usually, the Vit. C works but in this case it didn't. We also check if their appetite is affected. It is frustrating because their shots are up to date but they still managed to get sick.

Everyone is grumpy and they sleep alot. They also like to stay close to their humans. I have 4 cats draped around me at a time. They seek comfort from us and of course we take advantage because it is not everyday that they like to snuggle with us.

And no cat baths for the next couple of weeks, which for sure is a relief for all of them. So to all my kitties, I hope you get well soon.


  • Bummer! My sister Olivia made Eddie sick with a bad cold when she came to live with us and even though my mom kept everybody separated. (Olivia wound up in the cat fix-it place.) Mom had to steam them to help them breathe. Can you imagine!!

    But *I* didn't get sick.

    By Blogger William, at 12:31 PM  

  • Hi Wm,

    You're a handsome cat, glad you didn't get sick :)

    By Blogger catgirlph, at 6:31 PM  

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