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A Cat Named Bitty

As any pet guardian, I love talking about my brood especially to fellow cat lovers. Having 10 indoor and feeding 5 outdoor cats, I have many stories to share. But I am especially fond of sharing the story of my little fellow, Bitty.

I first saw Bitty 5 years ago, he was born to a feral cat who had 4 kittens. Something went wrong with the pregnancy and 3 of Bitty's siblings were born with 1 eye blind. Bitty was born totally blind. We took home this small, furless creature who would not eat anymore. With time, patience and a lot of TLC, he grew up to be a strong, smart and handsome cat.
Sometimes we forget that he cannot see. Although, we have to be careful not to move the furniture as he would end up bumping into things. We also have to be careful that he does not fall down because he cannot gauge the height to the floor. This is pretty difficult with having 9 other cats in the house.

At home, he is the most well behaved, oftentimes letting the younger kitties eat first from his dish. And bathtimes are so easy, he just sits there but afterwards, he has to go to the room where he will dry himself on the bed and sleep. And like any cat, he is very finicky with his food and litterbox. It seems that he has an internal clock, he knows when his human gets home late at night and he lets his displeasure show with his howling. But what I adore about him most is that he knows when his human is feeling down and he is especially sweet and affectionate.

This extraordinary domestic shorthair has been featured in a pet magazine and newspaper as well as being chosen as pet of of the month in a website for animals. People seem to gravitate to his quiet charm. And we, his human slaves couldn't be prouder. A cat does not need a pedigree to be worthy of a good and loving home.