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It is so hard to have a kitten and especially an adult cat to have adopted. People usually prefer those with a pedigree. They don't know what they're missing out on. Stray cats make wonderful pets, they are loyal and loving.

I got to thinking about adoption because we are looking for a good home for the puppy we found. We have had plenty of offers but they don't seem to be the right type of people for her. Maybe I'm just being too picky but it's a life we're talking about here. She's a mixed breed. She can be too rambunctious and gets a little rough during playtime.

I've also had kittens adopted out and it's difficult to find people who will give them the care they deserve. I've had people ask me why I have to give them cat food and take them to the vet when they're only from the street. Don't they deserve a good life just because they don't have a fancy pedigree? Just yesterday, we found a home for the 3 kittens who were born outside our house. We were so glad to have found good people who would take care of them. I wish there were more homes who would open up their hearts to the plight of these animals.