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Cat bites

In handling animals, one can expect to be bitten eventually. I have several indoor cats and I do receive nips once in awhile, but I have had them since they were kittens and they get their shots regularly and never go out. I always take care not to be bitten by strays. However, these things do happen no matter how careful one can be.

It is important to know what to do when you do get bitten, either by dogs or cats or any wild animal as they can transmit rabies and tetanus. The area should be cleaned immediately, I was told with laundry detergent and the blood should be allowed to be kept flowing out of the area. Afterwards, use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. I take extra precaution of using iodine solution.

Next comes the part nobody likes, the shots. The first shot usually is the tetanus shot and then series of rabies shots depending on the category of the bite received. The animal also has to be observed for 2 weeks to see if it has gone rabid or dies. It's not easy to do this if the animal is a stray.

I have been observing the cat and he seems to be his normal self. When infected, they lose their appetite, stay away from water as well as from people and other cats. I still had the shots after I got bitten. Better to be safe than sorry.