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December kitty

It was December 16, 2001, when a group of children left this little black and white kitten on our doorstep. He was so cute when he first looked at us. He was so small that Bitty looked like a monster beside him, Bitty was a year old at the time. It was his first Christmas with us that year. We also decided to make that day his birthday. We call him Peanut.

Peanut is now one of the biggest kitties in the house. He is a sight to behold when he gets angry and all his hair, from his tail to his head, are standing on end. And he is running towards you at full speed. No wonder our dog is afraid of him.

This year, he celebrated his 4th birthday. He has mellowed a bit from his biting and chasing days and would rather spend the day sleeping. Belated Happy Birthday Peanut!