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The kitten got his wings

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago, my brother saw a kitten on the corner sidewalk. He came running home fast because he said that it was REALLY a baby kitten and that I should go with him a take a look. Well, he was right, the kitten looked like it just came out of its mother. It was THAT small and THAT young. And to make it worse, when I picked up the kitten it was wet with urine. Looked like the person who left it there peed on it too. The poor thing was so cold, and it had been raining the past few days.

It was hard to give him milk and keep him warm. After 2 days, he passed away. I was hoping that he would survive and was thinking that when he got bigger I would look for someone to adopt him. The kitten was a white cat with black fur on its head.



Last June I was visiting a client when my attention was caught by a little white thing that was moving very slowly by the sidewalk. I looked at the creature long and hard and saw that it was a tiny kitten. Its ears were still small and he was wobbling. I don't know how long I stood there looking at the poor thing but when I turned around there was a group of people staring at me as well. I was thinking, what to do, I just can't leave it there! But I was on my way inside and it was a food company so I wasn't allowed to bring the kitten in. I prayed that it would still be there when I got out. Well, it was, and of course I picked it up and brought him to the our office basement first because I still had a lot of meetings. I asked the attendant to keep an eye on him first. After what seemed like forever, I was able to pick him up again and we went straight to the vet. He didn't have teeth yet and looked like his eyes just opened. We fed him kitten milk and now he's getting bigger and had his first shots. His name is Waffle and the vet's office keeps on losing his file card because I didn't know what to name him when I first brought him there.

He tackles the bigger cats and is always running, always jumping on the other cats. He always makes us laugh with his antics.


As I've written last January (time flies really fast), it has been depressing to write after I've lost so many of my cats. At that time, one of my cats Snickers was in and out of the hospital because of back problems. I'm not really sure when or how he fell but it did a lot of damage to his back. We moved to a bigger house last December, so he had a bigger space to move around in when he was released from the hospital. We did not allow him to go up and down the stairs as he had a tendency to fall and was always supervised. He lost the battle last April. He was an orange tabby and was very lovable. I remember him being first in line and giving a very pitiful meoow when I would open a can of tuna, his favorite! I miss him.