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Different Personalities - the first 5

Every animal has a personality, if one just obeserves long enough. Cats have so much potential to be loving pets.

Having raised 10 indoor cats since they were kittens, it is fun to go back to their baby pictures and see how big they've grown and how different each of their personalities is.

Bitty has always been the little gentleman. He doesn't fight over food, likes his litterbox clean and generally stays out of the way of everyone else. He doesn't like his space invaded and is very possessive of his human Mom.

Peanut Butter is a big male cat, with a personality as unpredictable as the weather. He can be so sweet one minute and swipe at you with his claws the next. He was left in front of our house by the one of the neighborhood boys who couldn't care for him anymore.

Dumpling is the reigning queen of the household. She also likes her own space and will bite and scartch anyone foolish enough to go near her. But she is very affectionate with her humans. We adopted her from the vet clinic. She is a very pretty calico.

Milkshake is more of the do your own thing and I'll do mine kind of cat. She doesn't start fights, always welcomes the newcomers and always manages to get on top of the shelves. She doesn't like to be picked up but she lets us pat her and gives her cheek for a kiss. She loves to drink off the cup of her humans. She was found on the back of a pick up when she was such a small kitten under the frying sun.

And the 5th of my brood of 10 is Taffy. He was being bitten by the dogs in the street when we found him. He has grown to be a handsome boy, always mild mannered, loves to be cuddled. He even gives us little nips when he feels that he is being ignored.

When we first got them, we never thought that they would have such varied personalities. But of course, there is never a dull moment in our house.