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Lily, the cat

We are fostering a cat named Lily. The girl who was taking care of him thought he was a girl, thus, the name Lily.

Lily is very gentle, he doesn't make a sound, he doesn't bite or scratch us. The father of the girl wanted him out of the house because they were moving to a new place. She asked if we can keep him with us until she can find a home for him. I didn't know this girl before but for the sake of the cat who was really blameless in this situation, Lily is now staying with us. She found someone willing to adopt Lily but the father didn't want Lily to stay there,too. You see, this potential home is the neighbor of the said girl's father. Apparently, they had some disagreement before concerning the neighbor's pets. I feel sorry for the girl. Her own father already had the cat removed and is now making it difficult for her to find a new home. She stays awhile when she visits Lily and spends time too with my cats. She even mentioned that her father is involed in environmental issues and in the saving of endangered species. I don't understand why the life of an endangered specie would be more precious than that of a stray cat's, they are both creations of God. All life is precious, once it's gone, there's no getting it back. I find it very hypocritical.

Lily still has no permanent home but he is welcome here for as long as it takes to find a loving family who will adopt him.