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Pumpkin has said goodbye

Pumpkin passed away last Oct. 28, 2006. We all thought she was going to make it. She was free from infection but her body was left too weak from her bout with the illness. I was feeling anxious the day before, the following day I brought her back to the clinic for a check up. I was really scared then because she was just lying down. She was quiet throughout the whole ride to the clinic. She was given amino acids and she had a needle attached to her arm for IV fluids. An hour later, she was gone. She passed away on my bed, my sister and I held her until she breathed her last. Later on that night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about her lying on my bed and sleeping beside me. When she got back from the hospital she would sleep in my room at night. She would sometimes share my pillow and I would wake up with her head beside mine.