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I love buying toys for my kitties and puppy. Although, the selection here is very limited, I still enjoy bringing them little mouse toys. However, they only get interested for a few minutes and afterwards the toys will be all over the place. We can find several toy mouse under the sofa. What they really love are the paper bags from the grocery and the boxes of shoes and any type of box for that matter.

They can spend hours and hours of fun with a big brown box. It's fun to watch them. Especially Bitty, who doesn't play as much now because he prefers to sleep. You can just see a head peeking out of the box.

And the grocery bags, how they love those. We just have to be careful and supervise their play because I don't want anyone suffocating.

Milkshake loves playing with strings. I usually hold it out to her and she jumps on it. When I'm not fast enough, she gets a piece of my skin, too.

I also got them a big bed. I even spent a long time choosing the right color. Now, it's just the container for their toys. Bitty has slept in it a few times, though.