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Bitty's a fighter!

One of my worries when we got Honey, our puppy, was that Bitty would not be able to adjust to having her around, being blind he gets spooked easily. At first, he would not walk on the floor but would use the sofa and chairs as a bridge. He would hide and hiss when the dog would come near. I was afraid that he was not drinking and using the litter box properly anymore.

Honey is now 26 lbs from the previous 4 lbs 4 months ago. She would play with the cats and being so much bigger than them, she would end up rolling them around the floor. What a surprise it was to see that Honey was hesitant to go near Bitty. I saw that whenever Honey would go near Bitty, Bitty would swipe at her. It didn't matter whether he would hit her or not, Bitty would just wait until Honey would cross his path again. I don't know where he got his courage but now Honey thinks twice before bothering him again.

Although, it's a little tricky for us humans as well. Because Bitty can't see, he will just swipe at whatever's in front of him when Honey passes. If we're not quick enough, he usually lands a hit on us instead.