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What A Life!

There are days when I'm in such a hurry because of things that need to get done and then I see my kitties sleeping so peacefully, without a care in the world. I would just like to curl up beside them.

For the fortunate kitties, who have human guardians taking care of them, life can be grand. I've heard that cats sleep up to 18 hours a day. They wake up to eat, use the litter, play and then sleep again.

There are days, like today, that I haven't seen my cat Chester all day. But I was reassured that he did have dinner and went off to his space again to go back to sleep. Sometimes he's like a piece of furniture that we move around, especially when he's blocking the door. But with all the moving done to him, he still manages to sleep through it.

And Bitty acts like he's tired all the time, the way he just plops down beside me. I think he's tired from all the inactivity he's had all day. And he even yells at me to hurry up to the room so that he can use the bed.

Fudgy loves to sleep on our laps. Even if there was a kitty ahead of him , he will still jump on us and make room for himself and dislodge the other cat. Funny thing about having kitties sleep on your lap or on your bed is that you try so hard not to move because you might wake them up and disturb their sleep.

Cats are nocturnal creatures. But with the cats in the house, all we need to do is turn off the lights and there's peace and quiet in the house, with all of them settling down for the night.



Cats are superior creatures. They let you pet them when they are in the mood to be affectionate and not before. They are very independent, they like their own space. And they are low maintenance, just place their food and litter box and they won't bother you for the day. Cats are so graceful, their bodies so sleek. They can walk around their domain without making a sound.

I like having my own space too. Maybe, that's why we get along so well. And humans have to win their affection. Sometimes, I feel so flattered when they come to me on their own free will. I have 4 lap kitties and I love every moment they cuddle, shedding cat hair and all. And I feel relaxed afterwards, they really do wonders for your blood pressure.

I love cats, with or without a pedigree. They are such spectacular creatures.