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Different Personalities - the younger set

After Taffy, I thought, we'd slow down for awhile since we have 5 already. But of course, that would not be the case. Our next addition was not 1 but 2 kittens. They were white kitties, our neighbor got them but when they became noisy (because they were always locked up), they threw them out. It didn't feel right to separate them. We named them Sushi and Sake', our first twins and real siblings. Sushi is the bigger one when they were kittens but Sake' has long since outgrown her. Sushi is the wilder one, a real tomboy, always pestering the other kitties. Sake' is the sweet one, she likes staying beside her humans and is very patient with the other kitties. Sake' likes to be petted and would follow me around. Sushi, on the other hand is very affectionate in the mornings. She would climb on my lap in the mornings during breakfast. When I would go out for work, my pants would be full of cat hair.

Fudgy is our own Wild Thing. He's always sleeping, when awake he likes to bite our toes and play,play, play. He's very curious and a big lap kitty. He just climbs on our legs and plops down to take another nap. He's the hardest to bathe, would resist until the end.

The youngest is Mudpie. He was with his brother and sister when we found him. A friend of ours adopted the other two. Mudpie is a real character, he always manages to bring a smile to our faces. He's best friends with Fudgy, always hanging on to his back, and when I go to my room he gets inside ahead of me. He loves to get the attention of his humans.

Chester is the cat we fed outside since January. He doesn't scratch or bite and is very gentle. We took him inside last month. When he came in, the first place he went to was the box of cat toys. He just loves playing with them. When he was outside, he used to wait for us at the gate and walk with us to the door.

At the end of the day, I look forward to going home and spend time with these angels. Whatever my mood is they always manage to brighten my day.